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About Vito Glazers

Vito Glazers is the patriotic CEO of CPATank Inc based between Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California.

His progressive understanding of Online Advertising and Internet Marketing took him from College Student to Self Made Millionaire by the age of 25.

Vito now dedicates his life to serving the world's largest brands, promoting philanthropy, and donating his time and expertise to students and Universities.

Before serving as chief executive in 2009, he held various titles such as Executive Director and Vice President at previous financial and advertising institutions that he helped found and manage.

Vito Guido Glazers was born on July 8th, 1985, near Chicago, IL, to immigrant parents. As a child in the late 80's and early 90's, Vito traveled through Central America where he learned to speak Spanish fluently.

He graduated with honors from Prospect High School in his hometown of Mount Prospect when he was 16 years old. After high school Vito worked in financial services and eventually attended universities studying business and economics but never graduated.

Vito successfully served the community in the early 2000's providing responsible home ownership consulting. Amid the recession he transitioned into the world of Internet Marketing.

Vito went on to pioneer and manage several successful internet ventures, the latest being CPATank Inc, a Performance Based marketing company promoting the world's largest brands.

Although successful in business, it is clear that the motives of Vito Glazers are not only financial but also philanthropic.

Since 2010, Vito has begun giving away donations to various organizations that support orphans, widows, the elderly, education and entrepreneurship.

He supports Illinois Masonic Charities, The Society of King Solomon for Orphans and Widows, and also donates his expertise to the Judson University President's Advisory Board.

Considered one of the Founding Fathers of Affiliate Marketing and an Internet pioneer, Vito has created a respectable individual brand and loyal following through the use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Doing over $10,000,000.00 in online sales was just the beginning, as he now dedicates the majority of his time to consulting the world's largest brands and promoting philanthropy and education by serving on the Judson University President's Advisory Board.

His Hollywood Vine group specializess in building personal brands online. He says: "Social Media is the most important way to connect with your customers in today's world. If your brand is not connecting with your fans, your competitor's is."

Real people associate a brand's online presence with the credibilty of its social media exposure. Hollywood Vine Group offers the most powerfully engaging Social Media packages money can buy.

Vito prides himself in being an owner that employees and affiliates can feel comfortable contacting freely. You can always contact 'The General' for the newest methods, tips and tricks as well as access to endless resources!

Vito Glazers knows about networking at a high level, most notably with top Hollywood celebrities and unique personal brand personalities.

  • Success insight: You have to evolve and do it fast if you want to stay successful.
  • Networking wisdom: A man is only as good as his latest closed deal.
  • How Vito advised the online 'adult industry' to be profitable when everyone wants everything for free.
  • How networking gives you the ability to reinvent your business in a volatile economy.
  • Good networking gives you much more than immediate ROI.
  • How Vito has mastered his craft as a world-class networker.
  • In a time of need, the networking you did five years ago will come back to you.
  • Networking tip: you can learn to network and even deal with rejection of top decision makers.
  • There are only so many different types of people in the world, and thus a formula for successful networking.
  • How to never pitch a business deal that works for you until it delivers cash value to them.
  • Networking question: can you create value for your client or prospect that won't create material injury to yourself?
  • Networking insight: the need to become an expert in who you invest your time with.
  • Networking tip: after you've delivered value and proved yourself, you can then talk about what benefits you.
  • Value – doing a job that somebody else doesn't want to do.
  • In Hollywood (and in business), everyone is telling everyone else what they can do.
  • Examples of how you can deliver value that is priceless, that people couldn't even buy if they had the money.
  • How your wealth can come from your network. Networth = Network.
  • Philanthropy is the cornerstone of Vito's life philosophy. Here's why it should figure in yours...
  • How 'faith in a higher power' has led to a millionaire entrepreneur's success.
  • The power of giving away '10% of your wealth'
  • Networking abundance – attracting wealth by telling the universe you have more than enough.
  • If $1000 is the problem, then $1000 is actually NOT the problem.
  • Do you have faith in the value of service you are bringing?
  • Philanthropy is a lot more than giving money away.
  • The importance of living within your means if you want to accomplish amazing things.
  • What it means to be blessed with the ability to reach people.
  • The purpose of the human race is to share ideas and to serve each other.
  • Things that bring people together make big money.
  • How the internet has changed the networking world.
  • Networking insight: You can gain or lose people's attention in milliseconds. 
  • Guess what is the one word that describes where everything is going with networking and connecting.
  • Marketing tip from successful entrepreneur – follow the giants.
  • The one business trend coming that if you master it, you'll never be poor again!
  • Networking tips for re-calibrating your bad relationships – exfoliation and ruthlessness.
  • How to eradicate 'time trolls' from your business network.
  • Networking insight: The dangers of not letting go of the wrong relationships in your life
  • Networking tip: Relationships evolve, so what used to be a great contact may not deliver any more value.
  • Vito's motto for life: measure twice and cut once.
  • The three things you need to be a world class networker and connector.

Vito Glazers is a wonderfully warm, engaging and extremely insightful entrepreneur with a unique outlook on life and business. His wisdom on networking, connecting and building wealth are priceless - listen and learn from a true master!