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About Linda Parkinson-Hardman

Linda Parkinson-Hardman is the author of five books including Linkedin Made Easy.

She works with business owners and companies to help them develop sustainable and effective social media strategies that enable them to engage with their current and potential customers and clients.

In her spare time, Linda is the founder and CEO of The Hysterectomy Association and a social entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching people to ‘fish'. Her favourite quotation is:

'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'

This quotation has been a guiding light throughout her career. She believes that if people have the right sort of information and a guide to help them understand how it fits together, then they are best placed to make the decisions they need too in the long term, whether as a business owner or for their long term health.

Her book LinkedIn Made Easy (LME) served two purposes in the beginning. She raised money for charity and provided everyone that kept asking her questions with a simple resource that allowed them to help themselves.

The latest LME version took the original and expanded it further and it now includes a section called 'Recipes for Success' - suggestions about how to use the power of LinkedIn to make it work for your specific needs.

She is committed to enabling businesses to grow sustainably into the future through the APPROPRIATE use of the Internet technologies. She says:

"I work with clients to transfer MY knowledge, skills and expertise into THEIR companies and organisations so that they can become more effective online AND more profitable through a sustainable strategy."

Linda Parkinson-Hardman is a geek who knows about people! She has a passion for social media and knows how to make it work to build great and profitable relationships.

Listen to this true networking guru show you how to make your networking count and discover:

  • Using different tracking mechanisms to track ROI from different networking activities.
  • The two key attributes you need to make networking work and start all-important conversations.
  • How LinkedIn gives you a critical edge in telling you a lot about how to engage with people.
  • How technology has affected networking from the early days until now.
  • Why you should never use 'canned' LinkedIn invitations.
  • The strategy behind connecting with LIONs - when its okay and when it isn't.
  • Where the two biggest mistakes are made, whether it's with online of offline networking.
  • The trick of giving first in creating bonds and relationships.
  • Linda's predictions for the networking landscape over the next few years - how the business population will go one of two ways!
  • The three prongs of strategy, attitude and personality to make your networking work.
  • Why you absolutely have to be yourself if you want to make any kind of networking work.
  • The role of manners and common courtesies in online networking.
  • The importance of doing what you say you will do in building profitable business relationships.

Linda works with clients to build relationships with their future customers online using the most appropriate social tools and techniques.

She knows what it takes to be successful with online networking, and has the rare quality of being able to maximise both the technology and the human element in building profitable relationships.